Hiring Teachers to work in the Middle East and Africa

We are proud to offer our clients the very best in recruitment services based on our 20 years of recruitment experience and successful placements in various industries across Africa and the Middle East.

We understand the need for quality teachers that are experienced, qualified and can add value to each lesson. We screen teachers carefully to ensure the ‘Perfect Match’ between your school’s standards and culture and the teacher’s skills and personality.

Enquire today to find out about our services and the various teachers we hire from the UK and South Africa.



Our Service

Personal Attention

We make use of hands-on managerial experience to identify the specific requirements and culture of each school we do business with, ensuring that any candidate we put forward for a position will be the most suited to the particular environment.We are take extra care to ensure that teachers embrace the work experience and offer a wealth of knowledge to the schools we work with, as well as enhance their own teaching careers.

Quality Placements

Once we have sourced the best candidates, we conduct professional and thorough interviews followed by detailed reference checks and all ITC and criminal checks. We therefore only put forward the candidates who are suitably matched to our client’s standards, as well as the standards at EduPlacements.

EduPlacements recruits teachers who are qualified, experienced and bring diversity and a cultural experience to every class. Teachers are screened carefully and must meet the relevant criteria:

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent to a Bachelors or higher from an accredited institution.
  • Graduated from a college, university or institute of higher education that is noted for teacher preparation.
  • Demonstrated record in education showing knowledge of modern teaching practices.
  • Valid certificate in teaching or licensed by a governmental authority to practice teaching in a school.


EduPlacements has been in the recruitment industry for 20 years and therefore we understand the demands and time pressures of our clients and aim to meet all our client mandates timeously, communicating throughout each stage of the recruitment process, offering efficient and effective service.

Comprehensive Follow-Up

We maintain regular and open communication between ourselves, the clients and the candidates, ensuring a comfortable induction period for all parties involved. We demonstrate confidence in the quality of our service and the candidates we provide by offering a 3 month replacement guarantee on all placements.

Full Recruitment Package

We compile a comprehensive file for each candidate containing their CV, references,
police clearance, medical certificate, colour passport photos, the copies of their qualification and academic transcript.



What We Offer

Certified Teachers

EduPlacements offers highly trained, certified and licensed teachers. We have a extensive database and very selective screening process to ensure we only add the highest quality teachers to the database. The database and well-established recruitment reputation ensure that the schools we hire for only receive candidates of excellence.

 Principals and Administration Executives

The challenge of running a school and the responsibility involved means that principals are a difficult role to fill. EduPlacements’ personal service ensures we attract, screen and hire the perfect candidates. We make use of the best search techniques to locate the right administrator for your school or school board.

Recruitment Specialty

Eduplacements is a highly specialised in managing the recruitment process from start to finish. The management team has extensive experience in creating, running and facilitating all the stages from sourcing, through screening, to interviews and final offers.





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