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Thought for the Day…28/8/17

Thought for the Day…21/8/17

Look carefully…

Registering your CV with Hospitality Placements – Help us to help you!

DO: 1. Choose a professional font, and stay with that font throughout. Cambria and Calibri are good fonts to use – the ideal font size being 11 2. Include a Cover Letter indicating your salary requirements, location preference, ability to relocate, availability/notice period and any other information which will assist us in finding the best fit for you 3. Create a front page with your personal details - contact numbers, email address, residential area, driver’s licence, ID number, nationality, as well as a head and shoulders photo (see our previous post on taking a good CV selfie!) This is primarily for our database and enables us to make the best match possible 4. Present things in a logical order. Use sufficient spacing, clear section headings (e.g. work experience, education) 5. List your employment history in reverse chronological order, beginning with your current/most recent employment and working backwards 6. Include all relevant dates of both employment as well as educational achievements/qualifications 7. Keep to short, bulleted…

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Thought for the Day 8/8/17

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