How to take a good selfie for your CV….

Building your professional brand is essential to career success. One of the most important parts of creating the right impression is having the right profile picture on your curriculum. All you need is a smartphone to take a “cv-selfie”. Get started with these tips:


  1. Be aware of your surroundings – Using a clear background, such as a white wall, will ensure the focus is purely on your face and not on the surroundings
  2. Use natural light – Avoid direct sunlight as shadows can be harsh on faces
  3. Use the right camera – Phone cameras work well if you have a fairly recent Smart phone
  4. Think about the angle – Look up at the camera it’s a more flattering angle, because it emphasizes your eyes and makes your face and neck seem smaller
  5. Think about what you’re wearing – Head and shoulders make the best “cv-selfies” – don’t be afraid to wear colorful clothing
  6. Don’t centre yourself – Your eyes should be one third of the way down from the top of the photo.
  7. Don’t take cliché selfies – duck face/sparrow face/fish lips, the bed, the bathroom, restaurant, seatbelt, and the gym. These are just some of the selfies that SHOULD NOT have a place on your CV. Show your natural self by relaxing your face and expression.



  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Use natural light
  • Use the right camera
  • Think about the angle
  • Think about what you’re wearing
  • Don’t centre yourself
  • Don’t take a cliché selfie



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