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Things To Do During A Behavioural Interview

  • DO make sure you know the interviewer(s) name.
  • DO your research about the company and position so that you can understand what the job is likely to entail.
  • DO make eye contact throughout the interview.
  • DO try to make your answers clear and understandable.
  • DO think about your non-verbal communication, eye contact and the way you are sitting.
  • DO be yourself and be positive.
  • DO focus on your strengths whether its your great communication, analytical abilities, time management etc.
  • DO be alert and focussed on the questions. Try not to get too distracted on other topics.
  • DO add more detail to the items on your CV when asked.

Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews:

When it comes to an employee’s role in a business’s strategy, the job title explains only so much. You are filling a void on the living, breathing team. Is this company hoping for an ideas person, a mentor to other employees, a creative force, a rule follower, a rule breaker? Get to the specifics of “who” your position is supposed to be.

Use this question to explore the expected level of engagement. Are you more comfortable being in a low- or a high-impact role? Do you want to be in a role that is universally respected within the company or are you OK being the undercover hero?

This question has two benefits–you will find out who is going to lean on you the heaviest and what you will need to do to keep the other teammates happy. The answers to this question will be the immediate problems each team member is hoping you will solve.

Chances are that your employer has a trajectory for your role in mind. Find out what you will need to deliver in the next coming months. Ask yourself if this pace feels doable for the way you work

What are the soft skills needed for this particular job? Find out if the company needs someone who is also a self-starter or works well in teams. This is also an excellent time to bring up any additional skills you have that are appropriate for position.

Identifying how your progress in this position will be measured will give you a better idea of whether or not you will be successful. Get specifics on what your deliverables will be per project. Ask about common work habits of people who have had this position in the past whom the company considered successful.

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Research shows that employees are most happy when their goals align with those of their employers. Get philosophical here and find our why your are both here in this room and if you want the same thing.

The best interviews include three to four team members. If that is not the case in your interview, use this question to gain insight into team dynamics and personalities. These are the people you will spend every day with, so they need to pass what Tom Gimbel calls “the airplane test”–someone you would enjoy sitting next to on a long flight.

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