Thought for the day…31/10/16

6 Questions a candidate should ask at an interview….

Almost every small business owner has interviewed people to fill their openings. I have. You have. So you know it almost always seems like a waste of time when you ask a candidate, "What questions do you have for me?" Why is that a waste of time? Most people, when they ask questions, don't actually care about your answers; they just hope to make themselves look good by asking what they think will seem like "smart" questions. To them, what they ask is the important thing; they really don't care how you answer. But a few people -- the best people -- actually care. The best candidates ask questions they want you to answer because they're interviewing your company and evaluating whether they really want to work for you. (Never forget that the best candidates almost always have options.) What kinds of questions do the people you really want to hire ask? 1. "What do you expect me to accomplish in the first ninety days?"…

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Food for Thought…

Food for Thought

The Value of a Recruiter

The value of a recruiter isn’t just in the ability to source and select a suitable candidate, tasks that can and will be…

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How to Solve Some of the Frustrations of Candidate-Recruiter Relationships

Both candidates and recruiters occasionally experience frustration when it comes to their relationships. Poor recruiters and unprofessional candidates aside, I think it is…

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